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I told my girlfriend I wanted to lose weight. I learned how to enjoy eating vegetables, and I lost weight almost without trying. She went to town and came back with some silly kids board games.

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We ended up playing strip Connect Four. It was one of the best weekends ever. I just want an honest relationship. Every time we had something bad happen to either of us she never once got defeated about it. She was always ready to put up a fight. It was during one of those times I realized I wanted to be with her forever.

She was the first person in my life to be genuinely kind to my developmentally challenged brother. Not kind because they knew I was watching, not kind in a how-long-do-I-have-to-do-this way — just kind. We drove hours to go to my favorite campsite on the coast of northern California, right by the Oregon border. She suggested we just sleep on the beach instead of going to a hotel or driving home. I started playing this game with my girlfriend when I was pretty sure we were going to get married. Every time I met a new woman I tried to think of a way she was better than my gf. It sounds mean, but I was just trying to make sure my decision was the right one.

I was on a business trip and an attractive woman came on to me. I realized what I had waiting for me at home was so much better. It was the sweetest thing. We spent a boring Saturday together making breakfast, doing errands together, and then just watching TV. I realized that this was what I wanted. I grew up with a family that screamed at each other when something was wrong and I hated it. I promised that I would never be in a relationship where we always fought and were angry, especially if we had kids. My wife never gets angry, or when she does, she takes a minute to calm down and then figure out what we can do to make the situation better.

On a whim I asked her if she wanted to move to South America with me and work at a resort.

5 Traits that Prove He Is Not Dating Material

We ended up going on an entirely different adventure, but I knew we were meant to have this crazy life together. Asking For An Open […]. Reblogged this on Gorgeous in Glasses and commented: This is another great article. I highly recommend it. Sure enough, along with bringing others happiness, being likeable, going with the flow, being the […].

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  • 21 Signs She's Girlfriend Material?
  • An ideal partner would never try to change you forcibly just to comply with a specific set of standards. Furthermore, being with a woman whom you can be crazy with, without the fear of being judged or frowned upon, is a telltale sign of being with someone for keeps. Good looks fade, but a great sense of humor will surely stand the test of time.

    A great sense of humor is a breath of fresh air, and a good-natured person will surely be able to see the good in every situation. Sharing the same set of interests and life perspectives helps a lot in building a strong foundation for a relationship. She communicates openly Like a mature and independent woman, she is not afraid to speak her mind.

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    She shares her thoughts and emotions with you and does not expect you to read her mind without the need for her to say anything. A good partner must have enough guts always to be truthful without feeling the need to sugarcoat every single thing just to make you feel good for all the wrong reasons. Moreover, she is matured enough to know that playing mind games and doing things just to make her partner jealous is a thing of the past and is counterproductive to a relationship.

    5 Traits that Prove He Is Not Dating Material | HuffPost

    She carries herself well A confident woman simply goes to show that she embraces, and she fully accepts herself. Being with someone who loathes herself can be very draining. A confident woman is not an attention-whore who seeks validation for every single thing. Overall, her feminine demeanor also includes dressing up decently, without ever feeling the need to dress in extra tight, shiny, and skimpy clothes just to attract attention. She respects your faith, family, and friends You might try to rationalize this on the earlier phases, but this will surely lead to more complications down the road.

    In a relationship, these are the three Fs that are non-negotiable. Possessing the same set of values as you do, a woman is definitely girlfriend material if she gains the respect and approval of your family and friends. You have awesome chemistry.

    5 Ways to become dating material

    Life is too short to settle for mediocrity. To make your relationship last long, you must be able to understand one another in a deeper sense. Spice up your Sex-Life. She has a positive outlook on life Good looks fade, but a happy disposition will surely stand the test of time. Positivity in times of hardships and challenges is a breath of fresh air, and a good-natured person will surely be able to see the good in every situation. Positivity also includes being drama-free and veering away from heated arguments and confrontation.

    She is selfless and compassionate towards others How women treat others is a reflection of how they see themselves. Treating others with utmost selflessness simply goes to show that she acknowledges the fact that every single person has his needs and takes these needs into consideration.

    She lets you take the lead and supports you all the way She knows that letting you take the lead would make you feel more like the man in the relationship. She also knows that all men want significant accomplishments in life to get the feeling of purpose. A woman who is girlfriend material must be the very first person to push you towards your goals, especially in crucial moments where self-doubt seems to prevail. Being with someone who is very caring and nurturing would make you feel special and loved in simple yet very meaningful ways such as cooking for you or taking care of you after a stressful day at work.

    She is responsible Before venturing into a new relationship, you must also see to it that she is dependable and someone that you can count on. Moreover, she knows how to handle her finances responsibly and manage money well. An ideal partner should not also be materialistic, and knows the importance of being practical versus spending all her savings in activities such as excessive shopping.